Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Cymbal #49:: Last Call

-Last call, you bastards. Drink them down and get out.
-Another. And, I’m not leaving, Minister. I’m going to stay here.
-The hell you are.
-Such language, Father! From a man of the cloth!
-Bugger off, son. Settle your tab and bugger off.

Father John Misty - Trouble (Cover) - 2014

-I’m not leaving, Doctor. You wouldn’t turn away a patient. You wouldn’t deny me medicine. You can’t. It’s your hypocritical oath.
-You’re taking too much medicine, and you’ve been sick longer than you’ve been well.
-My sickness is grave.
-Your sickness is women. The grave is where you’re headed.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Hallelujah -2001
(not a cover)

-You’d bury me? Then you must be a gardener. And I am your crop. I’ll feed you. But first you must water me.
-You feed me enough, my little carrot.
-Water me more, and I’ll grow to be a massive marrow, a winter wonder you can take home to your family and feed them for days.
-You’re already feeding me enough. But any more watering and you’ll drown.
-I wish I could drown. But I am not an animal. I am a machine, and you my mechanic. Will you not fix me?
- Where you are broken I can’t go. And I refuse to keep greasing a broken thing.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - There is a Kingdom - 1997 

-Then, as a friend?
-As a friend I ought to shoot you and put you out of your misery. Now go home you miserable sod. I hope you're not driving.
-I’ll see you tomorrow. 
-I know you will. 

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