Thursday, July 3, 2014

Nice - June 2013

An old villa in the baroque style. Nice has an Italian history, and reminds you of it often.

The lid came off and the smell of white wine, garlic and seafood nearly knocked me out.  

The Riviera. Somehow it always feels like the 1920s here. 

A lovely American couple I drank with on the rocks all evening. He was a marine who had survived a very long campaign in Afghanistan. She works as a hair stylist and has been studying business at college. They were friendly, very sweet, full of the promise of youth. I lost touch with them, which is a pity. With the absolute faith and frankness of a complete stranger, I wish them a long and beautiful life together, and hope they see the world, and it is kind to them.

The wine dark sea, like velvet.
The Apollo at the Place Massaena

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