Thursday, July 19, 2012


When I wrote The Angel's Share, I found myself wishing I could do more to bring a reader into the world I was describing, and creating. I wanted the reader to hear with my ears, smell through my nose, to associate with each passing moment, each plot point a set of sensations, a hidden library of senses.

In fact Library was the concept I was looking for, like a library in C++, a set of definitions, a context to borrow and insert by reference. I wanted to point to a song or a painting, and say, this is what I mean. It is with the colour, the heft, the tone of this song that I want you to read these words. And so - the chapter names in The Angel's Share. To make it easier for readers, here's a link to a YouTube playlist which plays the songs in the order they are listed.

Of course, there is a kind of person who responds to music, and to the kinds of songs I had included. I realize that a majority of people would just like to read the book through and not be bothered by a lot of songs. But if you do like music, and you like this kind of music, please do let me know if the experiment works for you.

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