Monday, August 10, 2009

Cymbal #23:: Stories and Videos

Sometimes spareness is actually poverty. Lost for long in choppy seas, you miss lush string arrangements, long phrases and above all, songs which tell stories. Stories require a setting of moods, a dimming of lamps, a shared visual context. And conversely, stories afford you instrumental freedom, lend it a range in which to be understood by species which communicates primarily in words.

Fairport Convention - Hiring Fair - 1985

Sometimes the element of a story need not be things happening one after another. A story is just a way of looking at events - a sense of pacing. Even references can import the sense of story telling - "You were Calamity Jane and I was Wild Bill".

The Magnetic Fields - Two Characters in Search of a Country Song - 1994

At times, going round the circle, you will be asked to tell your story.

Yo La Tengo - Here to Fall - 2009

Aren't the planes mesmerizing?
Been workin', been travellin', sitting on my suitcase and playing my harmonica in lonely distant terminals. Pardon the gap.

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