Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cymbal #7::Sonic Youth - Aging Gracefully

The wires are awash in it. Magazines and newspapers too. The folks at Pitchfork, like a coven of priests hearing that the gospel has been Updated Authoritatively, have declared the month holy and are slathering themselves in worship. The new Sonic Youth album is the indie Lady Gaga, unavoidable and omnipresent.

With dour seriousness, Pitchfork shoved Sonic Youth into a gray room and forces them to make guitar magic, like some labcoated scientist. You can almost see them outside the chamber, watching dispassionately.

Sonic Youth - Antenna - 2009 (Pitchfork TV)

To me, Sonic Youth are the sound of being serious about music, and young and a little bit nerdy. I've spent hours listening to Goo and Murray Street while driving around, listening to the wail of guitars paint canvases across my wall, color the mood of the city electric.

Sonic Youth - Mote - 2005

That's just great rock. As long as you can play that, people will come.

Back when Sonic Youth were younger and cutely self conscious. Lee Ranoldo looks like everyone's ex-roomie. But when I'm older, I want videos of myself caring that much.

Sonic Youth - 100%

And my personal favorite. The mood is wildly overdone, the pathos is overplayed, but with such an eloquent lead, any fiction is forgiven.

Sonic Youth - Disconnection Notice - 2002

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