Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cymbal #1::Muddy Waters and The Great American Night

As you may have noticed, NME hasn't been bending over backwards to offer me a job yet.

Therefore, to indulge my musical journalism fantasies, and to keep in touch with a whole lot of people I like a great deal, I'm starting this little music related mailing list, Cymbal. Basically, I'm just going to throw the best of the music and music video links at you that I find while 'tubing in the office. How enterprising, you say.

Cymbal#1::Muddy Waters and The Great American Night

What's really interesting about the first video is how vividly it capture the post-war English hunger for all things rhythm and blues; a hunger which would later find it's voice in the great English bluesmen and rock bands. For just a moment, inspect the set; the barrels, the railroad, the "Wanted" posters, the little bell. For crying out loud, there's a dude in a rocking chair nodding wisely!

The scene is a pastiche of visual cues all pointing (a little self conciously) to the South, the Great American Night, Travel Across Monumental Distances and the Soul of Black Music. The audience sits across the tracks, literally and metaphorically, looking in on a still painting - looking, in some ways, back in time.

Muddy Waters - You Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had

And, a version with James Cotton on harp

Feedback? Ideas?

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