Friday, June 19, 2009

Cymbal #10:: Late Night Island Tour

Allegedly legendary hip-hop from the UK. The flavor comes from the sweet electric reggae lite of the backing loop. It's an island sound - but this is an island of improbable coolness, where everyone wears shades indoors as well. This track is set in a bar with reddish lighting, a roof of palm branches lashed together. One side is open to let in the trade wind. There are no lights on the water. People are drinking rum cocktails out of coconut shells and not looking like tools while doing it.

Mark B and Blade - The Unknown - 2000

On this island lives and works King Tubby. Everything is a little hazy where he lives, a little spiritual. Power is provided to his house by the rustiest old dynamo ever created. God lives around the corner.

King Tubby - Zion Gate Dub

Keep walking. Sand dunes. A prematurely old looking haggard man with that vatic look in his eyes, dressed in white pants, is seeking love.

Bob Dylan - Sara - 1976

I was sixteen when I first heard this song, and I can't remember what I thought about it then, except that I liked it. Now, I think about how older people can also be in love, and how there are second chances to things that seem terminally wound up. Desire era Dylan is good a songwriter as Blood on the Tracks Dylan, but less intense. He sits back and steeples his fingers more. You can tell from the amount of descriptive detail in the lyrics- more environment, more weather, less dialogue.

And of course, old friends.

Weezer - Island in the Sun- 2001

What's that I hear, you want two weeks off? :-)

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